Have patience and Keep going

Have patience with yourself. Nobody has ever gotten better overnight. You’ll get wherever you need to be in time.

For now, remember that every day that you survive is a step forward, and you have survived many tough days that you thought wouldn’t pass.

Be proud of yourself and keep going! :mending_heart:

These words helped me so much today I had to share ( Copied and pasted from a Fellow sober warrior who I follow on sm)


Lovely sentiments, thanks for this!


Love this :heart::heart:


I really like what u wrote. Thank u for sharing this! I really needed to hear this today. And it can apply to so many areas of my life too.


The words were copied from a guy ned Austin Green, I follow him on social media , he is a recovering addict and has been sober for a few years now, I just love his story and his short videos of him from the past and then seeing him now are so inspiring. I get so much encouragement from this forum and reading about other people’s recovery journeys , so glad sharing this helped you liked it helped me today


Patience is so hard for me. I’m a person that wants things now. I hate the phrases “Give it time.” , “it takes time” I wish I had a crystal ball so I could see the future

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I’m actually pretty impatient too, I hate waiting for people to finish thier story’s or when they’re explaining stuff ,I’m sure I’m undiagnosed ADHD . I always have hundreds unfinished projects on the go because ill start something and it frustrates me that my progress is going so slow so ill put it down and start something else. I am amazed that my sober journey has lasted this long so far just over 9 months, if there is any project that’s worth sticking to it’s the betterment of ourselves as individuals, being sober is the best choice I’ve made this year.

I needed this. I was just stuck in my head thinking about my mom and how she will never be able to see me get sober. No matter what I accomplish or how many days I put together clean, I can’t change the fact that she passed away, and I can’t change the man I was when she was alive. I have these flashbacks of times I was just such a piece of shit. Times when I manipulated the people I loved the most. Or at least the people who truly loved and cared about me. The drinking and the using made any chance of real love being reciprocated from me impossible. I was too selfish, too desperate, too delusional for anything resembling real love. I was living in a reality I created to make my using and actions acceptable in own mind. You know the day my mom died I was supposed to see her, but I owed her some money I borrowed so I wouldn’t be sick. I didn’t want to get in argument so I stayed home and missed the last chance I ever had to see her because I was selfish. When I start thinking about these things I struggle with staying patient. I want to feel better and I don’t want it to take years. I hurt so bad inside some days that it wears on me to the point I can barely get out of bed. Days like today when it seems like I’m never going to forgive myself and I’ll never be loved. There are days when I feel so inconsequential. When I feel as if I’ll just be tossed aside at the first moment I’m not needed. Days like today, when I feel like jumping back into the bottle and drinking all my worries along with my ambitions away isn’t that bad of an idea reading a post like yours helps. So thank you so much. I’ve been extra emotional all day and I just needed to talk things out so your thread was very helpful. Hopefully I’m not tossing and turning all night.


@Thori Thank you for posting, this is gold :pray:
I needed to read this today as I’m a bit uneasy with myself and how “slow” doing things at my pace feels today. Your quote was a wonderful and needed reminder to patiently keep going whilst being kind to myself and forgiving my flaws. For I KNOW that babysteps have added up for me to be where I am today and this is faaaar away from where I was a year plus ago.
To be easier to digest, I sometimes cut patience in little pieces, one minute here, an hour there to calm the hamsterwheel in my head. For me it works.
I set a bookmark to remind me of your post, I look forward to comming back and re-reading :pray::sunflower:

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Thankyou for sharing your honesty, that’s a lot to carry around inside, it’s good to come on here and unload these things of your heart and mind. As a mum of two recovering meth addicts who are both sober now I have copped a lot of abuse and neglect in my time from my two eldest children. It’s awesome to see them clean , but still At times our relationship gets strained when things from their past are brought up and then used against me but you know what, I still bloody love and forgive them whole heartedly. I tell you what, a mother’s love can run on a sniff of an oily rag sometimes …in other words sometimes just a tiny flicker of hope can keep us going, hearing them saying one small thing can restore our faith in change . I can’t speak for all mum’s but I know I can speak as a mother in my experience I will love my kids and forgive them even when they’ve hurt my feelings so much.
I hope you can forgive yourself one day and realise that your mum would of only wanted the best for you in your life not for you to forever beat yourself up for not being sober back then. Be strong and fight hard for your happiness, keep swinging those sober punches and keep going being sober . It’s worth it…you are worth it :heart::heart:

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