Have you ever been at the stage where

just thinking about boos makes you a little sick to your stomach?
I am feeling that way right now!
It is a beautiful but depressing milestone for me!
It is also weird to be feeling this way this AM because I was a withdrawal mass last night!
Side Note: I probably should stop picking at this feeling when there is more + to it then -, I need to just let God/an Angel/etc help me through this way!

I was actually gonna ask the very same thing yesterday but thought that it probably wouldn’t make sense to anyone, so I’m so glad I’m not alone on it. It’s particularly weird that it goes between being sick of it and then in a moment really wanting it, then back to being sick of it, but I’m glad I’m sick of it most of the day now.

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Team Sober Life Strong!

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This happens to me all the time.
Though I think the memories make me feel sick.
Like if a friend of mine complains about being hungover, I feel sick because I remember what that’s like (and all the physical and emotional pain that goes with it. )
When people on here tell their drinking stories, I identify with them and it makes me feel sick because I remember all that shame.
So on.

Then I’ll see two friends on a show cracking open a bottle of wine, about to catch up and I think
Oh, that looks lovely.
But is it the wine I want or the connection those two are sharing??
Probably The connection.
The issue is, our brain attaches all these emotions to the times we used.
Try to cling to the bad ones, and dissect the “good” ones.
Often, you’re longing for the primary activity (seeing friends, sitting on a beach, eating a nice meal) and not the secondary activity (using)


Thank you for commenting!
That was deep and may just do me some good!

Any time
I’m glad you found value in it. :heart:

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