Have you ever had a week that keeps getting worse?

This week. This week has made me want to down a bottle of cheap tequila. I haven’t, but I want to. I’m a 23 yo mom who is wanting to do better for her daughter. I live with my parents and my mom is my kryptonite. Her and my dad adopted me at 6 weeks old. My mom has tried to live through me since I was a kid, and my dad sits back and attends to her every want. She and my father have both stated that it’s their house they can do what they want with my child, and my mother calls herself mommy on”accident” to my daughter all the time. My breakdowns are to the point of my spouse having to tell our daughter that it’s okay mommy just doesn’t feel good. I’m drowning and I honestly just want to sink a bit.


Sounds mistreating and abusing a position of power (their house, their rules, no respect, no boundaries). Sorry, I don’t have any better advice: Take your kid, spouse and get out as soon as possible.
Sending you all good vibes :tulip:


I have no experience with this situation but I can’t imagine how frustrating that would be. Just wanted to send you some love and a congrats on keeping sober. We don’t drink no matter what :muscle:.


Sorry your going through that, is there anyway you can get help with housing so you aren’t under their roof, REMEMBER what they are doing is their problem and very controlling, believe me you stay sober and get stronger you will be able to stop that behaviour good luck


Sometimes we wait on change and sometimes we are the change​:pray::heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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That sounds very frustrating , my mom behaves like that at times and it is really hurtful even though they think they are trying to help. Have you tried to sit down and have a conversation with her about how you feel? Maybe that would open their eyes and releive some of the stress. Good luck,I hope things start looking up for you :slight_smile:

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When I was drinking, I thought everyone had ulterior motives and was plotting my downfall. When I got sober I realized most of that was either real concern from real people, or part of my vivid imagination. Most people dont have time to plot and carry out malicious actions. There were two people who were actively toxic to me at work. I created my boundary and stood up for myself. For me, I had to tell my boss I’ll quit if I had to work with these two individuals again, and its not a threat, I dont bluff.

So my advice will echo some of the above. Get your affairs in order. Find your boundaries (respect and nothing less) and stick up for it. If your met with any attitude or push back, walk away.

We have to stick up for ourselves in life. No one else will. And your demand for respect and fulfilling that, there’s really no better feeling. Its a type of self love you deserve, to know when respect isnt being served, and to walk away with grace if it’s not.