Heading into Day 5.....*fist pump*


I have been feeling super rubbish the last couple of days…trying manage kids, studying for an exam, hormones and I have had my arthritis flare up…really angry! ugh…Last night was HARD! I told myself I deserved a drink cause I was SO STRESSED! Instead I ate pizza with my fam, scrolled through this app for strength and went bed early so I could get up early to study - OMG I feel so much better today!!! Everything is still the same…BUT I slept well and I bloody feel good! and it really is some kind of awesome waking up and not being filled with self loathing :ok_hand:


So proud of you!! I was the same way, say I deserve a drink. Then, drink and next day feel like shit. I’m 8 days sober and I feel great! Its so worth it! Keep it up :slight_smile:


this is awesome!! you did great!


Perfect job! This place is wonderful


Isn’t it! Who would have thought a humble Sober Support app could be so brilliant!


Well done! Waking up hangover free is the best.


Tomorrow is my day 5 and my brain starting to think, a few drinks Tomorrow, then nothing until Saturday and stop after just a few and then I will be normal…yeah who am I kidding, the hardest part is really!!! accepting that I can’t
do that anymore.


That darn little voice…good job calling it on its bullpoop


Oh yea. One day at a time!!!


Great job!

Pizza is a much better grumpy-tired food than reaching for alcohol. It has actual nutrition and tastes great.


Can’t beat that waking up sober can you🤗


I myself heading into day 5, been keeping myself busy at home, going to bed early, nice to wake up for work and feel rested and ready to go


Well done, keeping busy is the key, I’ve beaten the ’ just have the one" voice today, gained so much in 5 days, cycling to work again, going to the gym, got a real sense of worth growing. Early night for me too and loved waking up feeling clean.