Healing Crisis

:skull_and_crossbones:I’ve been going through a Healing Crisis for a while now and can’t seem to Let Go of Coffee despite its deteriorating affects on my neurosystem.

:point_up:t3:Logically I know that I need to divorce this substance/drug that I’ve been loyally attached to for 22 years but emotionally it’s still my best friend in a world of mass consumption and digital isolation, sugar being a close runner up.

:coffin:The emotional connection that I have to this satient beverage is beyond ritualistic and costly, but also enslaving and all consuming. :no_mouth:

:robot:Since becoming “sober” I’ve realized just how “unSober” and dependent on the $ubstances that abuse my Neurological Soul that I really am to help get me through this Digital & Evolutionary Existence.

I hope that one day I’ll be able to Live in Moderation… but until then, babysteps to ending premature aging, bowel obstruction, and Evolutionary Debt. :boom::pray::boom:


What kind of effects is Coffee having on your neurosystem? I will admit that coffee addiction is a real thing, and overconsumption of caffeine can cause noticeable deleterious affects, but the science on coffee and caffeine indicates that one or two cups daily is actually beneficial to body and brain, including preventing alzheimers and improved short term memory, as well as being loaded with antioxidants.

However, if you feel you have an addiction to coffee, be it physiological or psychological, then I applaud your efforts to get free. Each year I do a Daniel Fast for Church, which excludes many things, including coffee. I have found fresh mint steeped in hot water is a decent substitute, and is healthy as well. No caffeine. Settles stomachs and you smell fantastic.


I appreciate your perspective and recall you mentioning the “Daniel Fast” before.

I have epilepsy and to much caffeine induces seizures… but I can’t keep up with all that’s required of me without the added stimulus it seems.

I’m at a loss and a fork in the road and tired of compromising my short term and long term health just to fuel the United States of Addiction. (Myselves included)

Thank you for letting me openly share


Took me a lot of headaches when I gave up caffeine (soda and coffee) about 30 years ago (likely around the age you are now). I have reintegrated 1 cup of coffee into my mornings. Rarely more than that as I am now so susceptible to caffeine jitters…ugh.

I hope you can find your equilibrium and balance. :heart:


Reason enough to quit all caffeine. Have you tried decaf?

I detoxed from caffeine and shared my experience some months ago here. I always like not being dependent on caffeine but yet it is also for me a habbit/addiction I haven’t found a replacement for atm. It’s more of a habit as I really cannot (don’t want to is maybe more accurate) see myself having a pause in the morning with a glas of sparkling water or tea. I am not a fan of tea. I cleary felt so many withdrawal symptoms yet I failed to stay clean. I am on caffeine again. :roll_eyes::unamused:

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I can so relate to this. I think about how I need to drink less coffee every single day and how I really really do not want to stop. It sounds kinda silly but I feel like it’s mine and I don’t want to let it go. It’s so nostalgic for me and it really feels good to have it… to a point. Then it feels jittery and uncomfortable and anxious.

I’m sure it affects my sleep and my mood (stress and anxiety).

I get kinda angry thinking about having to give it up tbh. Mad at myself for not being a person that can have balance. Wondering when that will happen despite all my efforts. Wishing my mind would just function normally.

So many people seem to have nice easy ways of thinking and doing and relationships.

Anyways, not adding much here lol just that I am with you on knowing I need to cut back or cut it out, but really not wanting to.


For me it’s 1.5 cups now. Any more and by night I have gnarly caffeine withdrawal. Headache so bad it’s hard to eat. Literally feels like a booze hangover.

Not good stuff. At the point the consequences keep me very aware never to over do it.

It’s so bizarre. Thinking at one point I’d drink a whole pot without batting an eye. Not today!


I hear you! I used to drink at least a pot a day back when I was a kid in my 30s. Now 2 cups makes me jittery as all hell. Which is kind of rich seeing as I also used to snort up 8 balls routinely. I guess if we live long enough we can go full circle. Healthy —> Dis ease —> Healthy


Lol, yes. This thought crossed my mind too.

Here’s to our neurosystems, and all the systems for that matter!


Thank you so much for openly sharing your experience. I will try and look it up and see if I can glean any tips from your success

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Lol, thank you for this. I feel the same way… it’s as much the caffeine as it is the tradition and ritual of execution. Ive tried to justify keeping and quitting so many times, but when it comes down to it, I simply did to much damage to my organs during my 17 year long drinking career and I want to be a Living Testament of ReCreative Health for my two kids who have known little but the vices of their Genetic Heritage.

To me, life without coffee seems like life without electricity or wifi… is there a point? I hope to find out :slight_smile:

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