Health concerns after 12 years of drinking?

Got a few months of sobriety under my Belt But I’m struggling with some of the damage I’ve done from years of vodka, seizures and so on … I have had these following problems for the last couple years but now it’s getting really bad., I have a doctors appointment scheduled on the fourth.

Very uncomfortable pain and very specific spots in my arms and legs/ Sometimes feels like electrical currents, weakness, stretching usually all Together

Anxiety is through the roof

Struggling to focus on anything. Trying to remain positive. There are also a few other symptoms that are minor but are becoming
a daily issue. I believe this is all related.

In the meantime while I wait for my appointment if anybody has anything I can take that is safe??? !!! Ibuprofen does not work on this type of pain for some reason. I want to continue to stay sober. It might be a blessing that I feel this way at 115 pounds there’s no way I’m picking up a drink of vodka. That wouldn’t solve anything. I’m trying to see 34

Ps : That time is the pain to feel so incredibly unbearable and so strange. I feel like an insane person when I try to explain it to people


Hey, firstly massive congratulations on being sober for months. I am not going to be much help but didn’t want your question to go unanswered.

I have lots of seemingly random problems (unrelated to drinking, in fact used to self medicate because of it) so know how frustrating it can be to get answers. The neurologist described me as neuro weird :unamused:

What sort of things are they investigating? I know I get flare ups of pain with chronic fatigue syndrome, and with functional neurological disorder. I am only managing it with ibuprofen though. Mine isn’t that bad though so don’t know if someone else has suggestions.

I hope someone who has more knowledge helps. There are lots of topics here you can search which may help. Keep going, it sounds like you are doing really well.


Thank you mostly just trying to find something over the counter besides ibuprofen or any suggestions that would help this type of pain as it’s very strange and feels like stretching and electrical currents, or just dying muscles or something? Thank you for your support. I have an appointment in a couple weeks just trying to talk about what’s going on and continue making the right decisions… I’m tired And it’s probably saving my life

Really hope you get your answer, must be awful, and such a challenge to your sobriety. I am “lucky” that mine manifests as mostly muscle tingling and weakness. It is unnerving but not too painful.

Good luck at the Doctors!

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I’m a middle-aged man, retired Marine, and current martial arts instructor. Pain is something I deal with regularly. I take turmeric supplements. Turmeric (curcumin) is a natural anti-inflammatory and won’t damage your liver like ibuprofen or acetaminophen.


Thank you and good luck on your journey. I 100% have a plan in place If things become too much. I have a support team at a detox, and my family. I would check myself in somewhere safe before I would even pick up a drink… But it’s not even going to get to that point because I won’t even Romanticize the thought of drinking .

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Thank you for the suggestion

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