Heart symptoms developing only 48hrs sober at 23 years old ... 😬


I’m 23 years old chronically indulged in the drinking game this is my 3rd attempt in 2 years to try to stay clean might end up having too if my problems are complicated but I have no health insurance . Wondering if quiting cold Turkey wont actually work due to how chronic my addiction is . I have the will power I’m just afraid I might be doing it wrong… should I wean my self off first ? Or if I’m just tripping and this is some type of delirious exercise?


Victor, please go see a health care professional… go to the Emergency Room, Clinic or private doctor. Detoxing is a very serious health crisis. It can be fatal.


I quit cold Turkey after 25 years of drinking…a ton of drinking. I am not a doctor, so I cant advise you on what’s best for your health. I would say listen to your body, and research on here what people went thru.


I strongly recommend seeking help with this process. Withdrawls can be very serious. I have learned this through experience. Doctors can give the you the medicine you need to get through this. Please seek help. My thoughts are with you.


Victor if you were a chronic drinker please seek medical attention of some sort. Detoxing from alcohol can be fatal. If your body became physically dependent to alcohol, you could be dealing with some very serious health matters.
I believe that you have the will power and want to do this. But we can’t do it alone. At some point in all our journeys, we need help. That’s ok. There is strength in realizing you need help, and even more strength in receiving it.


As others are saying please get help with this immediately… It is imperative that you have medical assistance while trying to detox if you are that heavy into alcohol… I know this from past experience don’t try to do this alone cold turkey


I agree with others that you need to get medical assistance if you are concerned. I wouldn’t recommend weaning off because it is too easy to just give up and keep drinking. You need to detox, but yes, if your drinking was that bad you could have serious health complications during detox and medical assistance will make all the difference.

Please check in with us so we know you are doing well.


How did your previous attempts go? Were there severe withdrawal symptoms those times? When you say “heart symptoms” what do you mean?