Hello all...Hope everyone is well

Day 3 first attempted at giving up alcohol…wish me luck :grin:


Stick around on here, read loads. We are all on the same journey some with loads of sober time, others like me still newbies. If you’re looking honesty and support you have it in bucket loads on here. Ask anything be truthful and make new friends :blush:


Thanks for the message…Its nice to know that I’ll find support on this.I think it will be a great help having people to chat to about it…feeling confidence :grin:

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Just wanted to to say, “Welcome,” @Willyb.
Glad to have you join us.

Welcome to the forum. Pull up a seat and read threads. We’re all here to help you

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Welcome @Willyb the support and advice you find on here is invaluable!

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Thank you for the message

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Welcome and much strength! Do you know what to do when you get cravings?

How do Willyb maybe try a meeting they help helped this old Scots guy wish you well

Thanks Ray…I will try one very soon.:+1:

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I just will try and keep active on the weekend when the cravings kick in.Any suggestions ?

Exercise, this forum, sober friends, being Creative in some way, meditation are possibilities

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Sober friends are hard to find :joy: