Hello all I'm here again

Heyy everyone

I’m at almost 2 full days sober

I’ve been reading posts here and there to help bring me back down to earth for a couple weeks now and decided to start my sobriety clock on dec 12th.

At the moment I feel very gray but I’m just at happy I made it back

I read some things I posted months ago and how happy I was to even get a little sober time in

Hopefully I can stick to this for my own good


Hey Matt, 9de77a2395dfa45df3cb43358353899a5a6a824d90bb387ac8fef308925cb849.0


Haha heyy :slight_smile:

It’s good to see you :blush:

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Welcome back.

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Thank you sassy

The people here , like you ,are great

The support helps

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Welcome back!! :facepunch:

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Heyy @SoberWalker

My master plan
–dont pick up
–stick around
–keep it simple

I thank my higher power you guys are here still


Welcome back! Going to try anything different this time around?


Welcome back!

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@anon43625156 Cheering you on, Matt! We’re in your corner!!

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That’s a great question…

I don’t even know where to start…
At this moment I figure a clean happy house :house_with_garden: is a start

Lots of reading in the big book and step book

I’ve been working out a little…

And health is big

I need more patience with myself because I just stress too easy

I need to be positive

I guess there much I have to do

I love the zoom meetings so I need more of them
I haven’t done done that in a bit

Where do I start ???
I think the big book…

Easy does it they say
That I need to practice


Thank youuuuu all you guys are really pulling me out of the dark right now

Thank you
I need that

I look forward to this

I’ve been picking up alcohol for a bit now
I’m passed 2 days now and I noticed today how much I have been letting myself go

I just finished cleaning my room
I have a bit more to do today too but that’s ok because once the house is clean I’ll be in great spirits

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Well, for a lot of us, that book saved our lives!!


I’m very thankful for aa na and these books and people like you

Even though im moving slow, finishing the big book would be a amazing feeling

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Hey bud welcome back.

One day at a time. Were all here for you.

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The thing about slow vs fast…it isnt about how fast you finish the journey…its about the quality of the time you spend on the journey.

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Hi Matt, it’s great to have you back with us :hugs: sending you positive vibes, welcome back :pray:t2::two_hearts:

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Heyy I’m happy I made it back

I have schzophrania and the symptoms were comming out everytime I picked up

It took a couple days but I’m feeling better

Picking upwas starting to , like physically hurt. Me under the influence and above are like night and day

I got diagnosed at age 16 after weeks of breaking down. It was scary then. Now it just makes me sound weird when my paranoia comes out

The only thing I can do to beat my schzophrania is to take meds and use coping skills.

I saw on the wall in aa
" If you want to continue to drink, that’s your business; if you want to stop, that’s ours."

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Heyy blondie

Its nice to have people like you here. You guys can show people like me that if I take the suggestions I can infact put down the substance and live a life as it was intended to be.

We may have ups and downs in life but we also have eachother and everyone willing to help.

The holidays are coming
I might not have a tree :christmas_tree: buti do have a potarican roommate and a irish neighbor who love to cook. I’ll be looking forward to one hell of a meal:)