Hello i just joined the app

I just joined this app. 17 months sober.


Dang, 17 months is no joke. Welcome, and well done @robynann17! :partying_face:

So what brings you to our little neck of the woods and how did ya do it?

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I went to treatment for 37 days. Also have stuck to meetings and all the behaviors i learned


Welcome Robyn. Nice accomplishment! You’re very inspirational.

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I’m new here too! 345 days sober! I’m glad that I added this group to my toolbox :toolbox:


Hi and welcome here 🙋
Nice stretch of sober days you have, keep it going! :facepunch:


Welcome new friends! I love to see this influx of new people bringing experience with them. I found this place when I was around 6 months sober and I’ve been here everyday since. Part of me wishes I was here since the beginning, but I am also glad that I had a bit of wisdom before I jumped in.

@robynann17 and @24hours, you have found the right place!


Thank you!

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Welcome @24hours and @robynann17.
You have some good time behind you.
Well done for finding us. You’ll have experience and advice that we can all use.