Hello, I'm back

Hi everyone, I’m back after being gone a while. I realize I need the support right now. A few months ago I quit my job and moved in with my parents temporarily (in a different state) to try to get out of a place that was sending me into a downward spiral. It helped having company/supervision for a while, even though it was embarrassing to move home in my thirties. The situation changed and I needed to decide what to do next with my life, so I’ve moved to a new state, new city, and am about to start school again. I’m excited, and i love my new town and apartment, but I’m struggling with drinking and bulimia. I know this forum mainly involves substance abuse, but let’s include food in the realm of substances. The same drivers lead me to indulge in food with the same “screw it” binge mentality as I do with drinking, and usually one leads to the other.

I think loneliness and boredom are part of the problem right now, but now habit is playing a role. I’m developing bad habits and I need something else in my life to help distract me or help me cope. Being part of this community has helped in the past, so I am happy to be back.

Sort of :slight_smile:

Welcome back, you may well be surprised to hear that there are quite a few members here with eating disorders and alcohol issues read the ifs story, just search it in the toolbar


Yep. There are a couple of us with ED as well. I also deal with bulimia.

Welcome back. You’ll find support here.

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Thanks I’ll check it out.

Then I’m in good company. :slight_smile: thanks for the support.