Help, im missing my best friend

Hi everyone, could do with a bit of help, suggestions or advice please. Me an my best friend both liked the same lad but as i knew she liked him i backed off, but then it looked to me that she had lost interest as she was talking to someone else. I then asked my friends permission before i pursued anything with this lad as i didnt want to hurt her feelings, i also think the world of her. She told me that she didnt mind as she couldnt be bothered with men anymore and was concentrating on herself, plus the lad has showed me that he likes me an i feel like there could possibly be a connection there. My friend hasnt spoken to me all day and the only txt that ive had off her is that she doesnt want to say something out of place, i dont know what to do or where to turn to next, any help will be very much appreciated thanks x