Help. Or don't. I don't know

Just realised, I have no one to call when I break my sobriety or just need a distraction. Cool cool cool.


You can do what you just did and post here. There’s ways someone on! Do you work a program? Or have any friends you could call?


Welcome Shay! This is a great place to hang out and post or read when you’re having cravings. There’s been times I come on here and go right to the meme thread for a distraction. Anything is better than picking up.

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Feeling the same way today.

The biggest mistake that I made was when I STOPPED posting / coming here. I promptly fell off of the wagon, which then rolled back and forth over me a few times for good measure.
But I’m back now… just on 3 days, but getting there.


You are here though and we are here for you!
How are you doing? Need any help?

Now you do. Welcome to the forum and never hesitate to reach out. We are all here for each other and that includes you. :slightly_smiling_face:

If u hang around here for a while u will find people who are in a similar situation or u click with who will become a support network.