Help! Serious cravings & urges!


I am having the strongest craving and it’s been lasting for like an hour now and all I can think about is drinking bc I don’t want to think anymore and this is so so so hard! It’s so much easier to give up and just want to let the liquor take me out!!


Here is stuff I do when I feel like that:
-Eat something delicious and/or sweet. Often my cravings come from hunger. I think about HALT (hungry, angry, lonely, tired) and usually solving the H helps tremendously.
-Take a hot shower and brush my teeth, get into PJs and get into bed. I don’t know why, but this helps me.
-Read through all sorts of stuff on this forum.
-Call sober friends.
-Go to a meeting.
-Drink a pint of water, or make some hot tea, or drink some soda water. Sometimes dehydration gets me.
-Move a muscle, change a thought - so do just about anything. Go for a walk, clean out a drawer, clean out your car, any old random thing to get moving.

Hoping you find something that helps. Also know, this WILL pass. So hang on like you are a fighter in the last round.


Why did you quit drinking?


Bc it turns me into a monster!!!


Use that memory to fight that craving. Life does get easier every tine you say no to a craving?


Any hobbies?


I hope you stay strong and don’t drink. Think of all the negative that comes with getting drunk. A friend from my alcohol treatment class got his second dui last weekend. I called him that morning to see if he wanted to go to a meeting. He said he was busy…5 hrs later he was in jail. Yesterday he got a letter in the mail about a hit and run to boot. Stay strong!


Though I got annoyed watching them on rehab, watch some TED talks on YouTube. Some are dry, some sad and some funny. A few were so funny i laughed until I cried. This is a funny one. Watch some. Doing so will help keep your mind busy. Also search the one about twin brothers.

Also, make a consequences card. List the positive things that you get from sobriety and then list negative things that will happen when you lose your sobriety.


How ya feeling this morning @BrandNewEnding?


Well, I didn’t drink! I took a bubble bath, made something to eat, watched tv, got on here and texted with a friend, then went to bed! As far as today, the urge is still there but not as powerful. I am going to try to stay busy today to keep from drinking…going to a local homeless shelter to help in the kitchen (something I love to do) first thing this morning.


@ BrandNewEnding I remember that first year all too well. It does get easier. I’m so very proud of you for reaching out and asking for help. You are not alone. Stay strong and fight the good fight! I am three plus years sober and though there are times I still want to drink, they are fewer in between and the cravings are not as strong. My sponsor always says to find your arsenal. Have lots of things in the closet of your mind that you can pull from and use those to avoid that first drink. That, my friend- is exactly what you did! Blessings to you.


This was so important for me early on. As pointed out on here, chores dont get you sober. This is true, but boredome sure as heck got me drunk. A busy mind is less apt to fixate on drinking.


Congratulations & thank you very, very much! I can’t wait for this to get easier…


Being bored easily gets me drunk. The busier I am the better usually, as long as I’m not doing too much!


That is one of my favourite videos of all times. Hummus!! No woman no cry!!! ROFLMAO!!!


Congrats on not picking up! I am very new and have a had insane cravings on day 4 to 6. The longest I have made it was 15 days.
Meeting help me a lot. I am determined to get it this time!


Meetings help me a ton also, as well as church and lots of prayer. The moment I stop going the faster the thoughts trickle in…


I usually binge on sugar and Hulu when my cravings sneak up out of nowhere. Making my intentions scream louder than my addictions has been a 17 year challenge… but I find that a Toblerone bar and Futurama usually do the trick.



Congrats on not drinking. I absolutely understand the feeling. I am on day 20 and the urge still gets to me, but has lessened considerably as people on here said it would. Sometimes it’s just a matter of taking it moment by moment, as I am sure you knkw personally. For me I try to remember way I needed to quit and also I am stubborn and I am out to prove something to myself. I don’t need alcohol to numb out my loneliness or boredom. Good luck.


I start laughing just thinking about it.