Help! SL and Alcohol

I am finally coming to terms to the fact that I have a Sex and love addiction. I’ve often confused this with an addiction to alcohol. I’m not the type of alcoholic who drinks 5 days a week. In fact, it may be one or two days were I binge but that has always led me to make the worst decisions of my life. Alcohol is like the fire starter for my sex/love addiction. I almost use it as an excuse. I’m now in a relationship with someone who as of last weekend I cheated on. I feel like I need to be more aware of what triggers me. I felt like everything was great, why did I do this ? I’m sick of being this way and I need help so bad. This is really affecting my life, school, work everything and I truly need some sort of outlet or else … :disappointed:

Don’t lose hope friend. I too have been in the grips of sexual bondage for about 41 years of my 47 years of life. I have been in recovery from lust for about 6 months. Realizing you have a problem, or, at least being honest about it is such an important step to getting through it. There are sex groups to help you out there. I am part of More Than Conquerers. There are many out there. Also, being open and honest with God will prove to be a formidable weapon against the stronghold of lust. But God wants you to not only have a relationship with Him but to make honest friendships as well. I was scared to do this at first. My ability to have a relationship with anyone has been a nightmare forever. I hope you can a friend or two and a group where you can be transparent. Don’t try to beat it alone. It won’t work. It doesn’t work for about 99% of us. We were not made to go-it-alone.

Thank you! My relationship with God has always been shaky. I feel like where do I even start ? Where do I even go ? This has been the most trying and challenging year of my life and it’s like as I get older I get worse. Thanks for the encouragement and I’m currently trying to look Into support groups near by. Unfortunately I live in a small town where support groups like this are few and far between :disappointed: