HELP! Very very very tempted to pick a cold one!


Extra tempted to drink some beer after 2.5 months sober. It was quite good 2 months but the 3th one is very hard after. Few weeks before i drinked some home brewed fermented ray bread drink called ‘’ kvass’’ it has about 1.2% or more alcohol in it. After that day my crawings come back. And today its very very intensive. Im about to almost going to shop… Its nice sunny spring day here in Lithuania, and I feel very sleepless, feeling headaches and I know how few beers helps to reduce all stress and pain and gives that trance state of mind… I should go to AA meeting but I feel so tired. I think I will go to sleep… or to BAR. Higher power help me now…


Don’t throw it away man! I envy the fact you have 2.5 months! I am only on day 4 …only once again. Don’t come back to this side…trust me …you don’t want it. Go to meeting and stay strong my friend!


yes i know, only on beginning itvwill be ‘’ few’’* beers and it will end with strong spirits, drinking beer while driving, troubles in family, hangovers next day, and angry all week til the next’ ‘sessions `` - I know that, I am afraid to jump again into that hole, witch is always deeper and deeper. but after so’ ‘looong’ ’ sobriety for me i keep trying to trick myself it will be different this time… My mind says you can do it… just a little bit of booze to feel better and ease the pain…


Good mornings my friend, i truly understand your temptations. I love baseball and what goes good with baseball beer. The evening are always the hardest for me, after a long day. My thing is i stay busy and turn my thinking to someyhing else. Mine is sports cards or a game. You know we are here for you and God bless brother


Maybe go to a meeting anyway -even if you are tired. It’s the only thing that resets my head when I start feeling bonkers.


When i am in a mood and i don’t WANT to go to a meeting, that’s precisely when i know i NEED to get to a meeting. You know what you need to do… I’m pulling for ya. :bird:


This is why I always advocate against near beers. “Well I just miss the taste”. Taste will set cravings into motion, cravings will set drinking into motion. Why test it? Ever?

Get to a meeting. It’s April so it’ll likely be step 4ish type of meeting, and we could all use a little step 4 in our lives


Try get to a meeting it will help with your temptation . if you make a effort to go to meeting rather than drink the meeting will be the best decision Wish you well


Yep, You right. But this time the trigger mostly forced because of very low evergy levels and big lack of sleep. So I skipped meeting to get more rest. Looks like I’m feeling much better now. Today will try to go earlier to sleep, because that new work of mine starts pretty early to me, and 6 hours of sleep is not enough for me, also I go to gym like 3-4 times a week.


You right bout those near beers. Even if that does not give you a buzzy feeling, but I believe that works in subconciouss levels.


Yep, that’s good reminder to go :slight_smile:


Alright people, looks like Red Flag is over :slight_smile: thanks for the support, that really helped me to keep focus on my main goal :slight_smile: Without the TRIBE mostly I was thinking about how will I drink :slight_smile: but as soon I started to talk about it and read the messages - my focus started to refocus :slight_smile: I am still sober and probably will go to sleep soon. Will get big sleep and next day I hope will be stronger. I remember someone in AA meeting told, that addiction can be triggered by lack of sleep, stress and hunger… Those we need not to ignore! Good luck, stay strong! Thank You All.


Nah, you dont need it, keep moving forward a moment at a time without yhe poison. You got this…


Check H A L T
Alone ?

if yes fix it.

alcohol is not your friend x


If you have enough energy to get to a bar than you definitely have enough to get to a meeting😉. I know it’s hard not to drink, but keep up the awesome work. It’ll get easier.


Actually I did not even got energy to get to the BAR :smiley: After I slept, no more temptation at all.


Awesome. I’m proud of you. Hang in there cos it gets a lot easier​:grinning::wink:


maybe you like this book… i did a lot