Help weekend is coming

Any ideas how to stay clean over the rainy weekend with a husband in early recovery as well? Help. Already feel weak.

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We took on projects we’d postponed. Painting, redecorating, built shelves, replaced some yard items… staying busy helps a lot! Meal prepping- drawing- long bath. Etc etc. My counselor recommended looking up the 100 ways to cope and figure out what resonates with you. All sorts of ideas on things to do. There are really a million other things to do everyday. Drinking is just one small thing out of so many options available.


Imagine the person you want to be. Ask yourself “what is my hearts greatest desire?” Whatever that image is that you’ve probably had since you were ten of what your “perfect life” would be like, think about it and tell yourself that you will make that happen! I bet when you think about who you truly want to be alcohol isn’t part of it. Balance out and then drown the narrative in your mind. Right now, your internal MONOlogue is probably something like "drink drink drink drink. How can I do this? I can’t do this. Just one drink. I deserve it, etc etc etc. " change that into at least a DIalogue with your TRUE SELF represented. Take your time and remember that you don’t need alcohol, no one does!

The path to Serenity and lasting happiness is yours for the taking. Remember this

To thine own self be true! You’re not beholden to alcohol anymore. Enjoy you’re weekend as a free person.

StayStrong StaySober


Totally good idea :bulb: I agree I’ve relied on renovating projects and gardening :adult:‍:ear_of_rice:

I have much the same concern about the weekend. Girlfriend is coming over for our usual… Dinner, walk, Netflix and usually drinking. She is fine without the drinking but will follow my lead. I do enjoy it but am sick of feeling awful for days at a time. Not to mention the damage this does to me on a physical and mental level.

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