Help with being around others

So my bf and our roommate (who is my bfs best friend) both have their own sort of addiction. Mine is alcohol, I’m currently on day 4 sober. Though I have no interest in theirs I find it really hard to be around them or even in the same room when they can do their stuff but I’m not drinking anymore. It DESPERATELY makes me want a drink. I’ve been staying in the bedroom just binge watching tv but I obviously can’t forever. And I’m finding myself really emotional and angry that I’m in this situation. I told my bf how I feel, but obviously I don’t expect them to quit just bc I stopped drinking. They both really support my sobriety but…
Anyway…any advice? Please.

It sounds like you need a new activity! There are plenty of solitary things you can do besides watching TV. Put on some music, make some art, journal, start a new book. Get out of the environment if at all possible. If you have the means try out a class (spin, yoga, kickboxing, etc.) to get you out of the house at least once a week.

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I definitely agree with @MissQuinn go out and try and be apart of some kind of group. Doesn’t even have to be a sober support group but something that wouldn’t involve drinking :smiley:

I was feeling the same way when I stopped drinking. It made me realize how much my social life involved alcohol, and that I didn’t have that much in common with friends besides alcohol. For me, staying sober has made me realize sometimes it’s better to find new people with whom I can just be myself and do things that I’ve learnt to appreciate soooo much more! It’s a 180 degrees change of lifestyle for the better :slight_smile: