Help with sponser

Im 73 days into my sobriety off alcohal. I got a sponser when i was in rehab. My aponser has been known to not respond at timea to texts calls. Everyone says i need to find a new one . my way of lookinf at this is that im still sober and doing alright so why change things now. I messaged him yesterday and today no reaponse. He tends to do this and my message was telling him i was having some crazy cravings after working 12 hour stright shift at a restraunt. I have a hard time trusting people and this seems to just prove my point. Why would a sponser take on a sponsee and do this? Im lost. And after 2 emergency rooms and detox and inpatient rehab and out patient rehab and halfway house me being. New to being back in my own house and my old job he would be there for me more then he is. I text him maybe every two days to check in and the last few times no response. Im going to a meeting which id been slacking on and super stressed about it. Any advice? Also any online chatrooms for aa anyone can recommend

I had a similar problem with my first two sponsors. I know I need one, but no one seems to want to sponsor me lol.

You are doing a lot of good stuff - keep it up! I would be open to finding a new sponsor because that doesn’t sound normal to me, to not receive calls or texts back. And don’t cut back on meetings right now, go to your normal amount at least. Fingers crossed for You! :crossed_fingers:

I would find another sponser, even though you are doing great at this time, like you said you were having cravings and needed someone to help you out, which is what they are there for. Great job on posting on here and know we are always here for you.

Yup, message me. My sponsor is generally good at getting back to me but I tend not to contact him too often but meet him weekly.

He has said if I unload on to him and he’s taking a while to get back to call him, but to treat it like you have passed the problem on to him and it’s in his hands it kinda made sense but wouldn’t want to leave it too long.

Find a new sponsor, but also get numbers of guys that you like at meetings. I know it’s intimidating but it’s really important to have lots of numbers so you can get someone at any time. Sponsors are here to help and guide us through the steps, but we still need friends in the program.

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