Here i go, again

I am feeling so upset and worthless for drinking again. It seems I can only get to almost 14 days. My anxiety, stress and frustration get to me. I know i will feel better if I drink. I drank everything in the house. Terrible hangover.

I need to stop this. I am trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. Diet, exercise, no drinking. I dont want to die because of this. Any and all advice and help appreciated. Thank You.


Will you though?

You answered it yourself there.

Okay, that is good!

Sounds good, but I hope you aren’t taking too much stress on yourself for trying to get it “perfect”?

I think your very first goal needs to be to stay sober until the day is over. And then say again tomorrow “just for today”.

I am really proud of you for reaching out. It sounds like you really want to get sober. You have to want to get sober more than you want to drink. That means that you have to say “no” every single time you are about to take that first drink.

In the early days, there are different ways. Either you keep yourself very busy, or you try to get your rest - or both. For me, I was just laying on my couch, napping, sleeping, feeling anxiety and eating. Watching movies. For others, it might be good idea to do a lot to keep busy and to keep the drink out of your mind.

You have to do whatever it takes to get past the initial hump. Then, you got to actively work on your sobriety. Otherwise you risk becoming a dry drunk.

Whenever you crave, never crave alone. Do the things that will help you get rid of the craving but also reach out to others - start with this forum for example. Always be honest if you’re craving.

Some threads you could have a look at;

I check in on this forum every single day to increase my accountability and to maintain focus on my sobriety. I do it on the thread Checking in daily to maintain focus

Well done reaching out. Wish you well :heart: You got this :muscle:


100% correct, it only seems like you can only get 14 days. It is totally possible to live a sober life. For me, I had to change. Change people, places, things. More importantly, i had to change.

What will you change?

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What is your biggest desire outside of drinking?

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No alcohol in the house, I couldn’t deal with that rn.
You need to meet other people in recovery who you can call before you pick up.
Push through it, you’re just as strong as anyone here to get to bed sober!


Thank you for the links. I will read them. In my post I meant to say my mind was telling me I would feel better if I drink.

Thanks. I know i have to change. I need another way of controlling my anxiety rather than drinking. I want to try different kinds of CBD.

Your mind is on auto pilot. Be strong!

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Hi. I want to be healthy and happy. To save money.

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Thank You.

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I relapsed the first time I got sober a year ago February…I got 90 days in and bam…my first dog i got as an adult on my own passed away…I was devastated and right away went out and bought a bottle…I drank a bottle a day till this February 15th and stopped again…but this time I honestly have changed and this app has alot to do with it…the support and stories and friends I have made on here are incredible…most of all the first thing I do is wake up and look at my phone on this app and look at my sober date and the time I have left till I meet my next goal…i honestly do not have the heart to reset that clock by drinking…I actually can see my progress on here and it keeps me straight…I hope this app helps u like it has helped me…


Man…I got beard envy…:rofl::rofl:

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Fun fact, the over all length hasnt been shortened since my last day of drinking

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No. The first thing I wrote was to be healthy.

That’s awesome man…how many days do u have…looks like alot…I’m on 161…and the wife makes me cut mine down…she actually want me to shave it off…NEVER…but I wouldnt cut it…and i would have way more tattoos…lol

Thank you for the nice reply.

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My advice: check out this book:

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I ordered it today. Thanks.

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Maybe try a meeting might help wish you well

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