Here’s to the first day

Here’s to the first day sober, of the rest of my life. I am hoping for the best. Fentanyl is ruining my life. It’s time for a change. I’m currently 18hours into sobriety and so far I feel good… I know at any moment that will change. Just gotta suck it up and power through the hell. To get back to the really world.


I truly wish you the best. That shit is so scary. Fight it with everything you have. Your beautiful daughter will reap the rewards. :blush:


Oh yes sir! I went through Covid a week ago… that shit made me realize that THIS ain’t shit… and that I CAN DO IT… I got it this time bud!

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I’m glad hear it! Stick around!

ít’ѕ mч fírѕt dαч αgαín tσσ, trαgíc- í’m nσ gívíng up. juѕt nєєd tσ crєαtє αnd kєєp gσσd hαвítѕ. ít’ѕ αll αвσut rєprσgrαmmíng σurѕєlvєѕ. wє dídn’t вєcσmє αddíctєd σvєrníght . wє wσn’t rєcσvєr σvєrníght єíthєr. σnє mσmєnt αt α tímє- gσd вlєѕѕ

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One day at a time! Believing you can do it is half the battle! Now that you have started never give up on yourself again!