Here we are again

Just putting it out into the world and to myself that I’m starting on the path of sobriety again.
While my alcohol consumption could be much more “impressive” it is still a burden and I’m doing it daily.
I know how dramatically my life will improve when I put this crap down because I’ve experienced freedom before. This confounding behaviour must end here.
And so I take to day 1 again, with a bit of fear but I choose to remain solid.


Welcome to the forum. Stick around!

Great to have you here. I look forward to hearing how your life improves one day at a time.

Best of luck.

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I will check in daily or in moments that feel hard. I will not be tough on myself and will hold myself accountable at all times.
Thank you.


Welcome here!
This app is a great app if you work it!
First weeks can be hard, so come here when you need it. We are here for you! There is allways someone to talk too!!
Hope to see you often!

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Welcome along. Wishing you every success on your journey!