Hi again! Day 4

Hi guys. Cant tell you how helpful the response on here has been past few days. It truly has given me real positivity. I have yet another question. Day 4, still looking yucky! What the heck? Bags under eyes bloodshot as well. I’m drinking water like a camel…any idea when I should start to see changes?
Btw I feel so much better mentally till I look at my skin!


Day 4 is still early days. All those toxins you have been ingesting have got to come out somehow, sometime!
There’s no set time, as everyone is different. Just keep doing what you are doing and stay patient.
Nothing is going to happen over night, you’ve spent years abusing your body.
Have a read around on here. Check out older threads using the magnifying glass. Ask any questions and I’m sure you will find the answer on thi forum.


Patience, Newbie, patience. This is a much longer process than any of us want or wanted it to be. Hell, if you’ve got some mental clarity already then you are much better off than most. The skin thing, maybe a few more days and you will start seeing some improvements. I’m sure your sleep and diet are all messed up, as this starts to resolve itself you will notice more changes. However, it will probably take months before you notice big differences.

Congrats on day 4!


Its a process. Idk about you but i had destroyed my body for years so it took a while to get back to lookin good. I can say now though my daughter always says i look like I am in my early 20s and people who havent seen me in a while think i have benjamin button disease😁. Just give it time and keep sober.

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Thanks for the feedback. Yes I have been daily drinking for 5 years so I guess I need patience with myself.