Hi all, this is my story

Hi all
This might be a little long, so sorry for that and for my english, but i think it will be enough to understand :wink:

So, i will be making 40 in a few months, i hope…and i start my drinking days when i was about 14 or something.
I always have been a beer guy… and until my 20y old i drink lots and lots of it, like " no harm may come for this ,i’m still young"…
Wrong…at 20 after almost 5 days straight partying with 4 or 5 hours of sleep total, i got home after a festival, took a shower, and i was at my bedroom watching some tv making time to go out and party some more, but it didnt happen that…instead i went to the hospital with my 1st panic atack…the 1st of many was 20y old at the time, after a toon of medical exames…i have nothing…all was good…but the panic atack still continue, some times 2 ou 3 in one day…so at the time i started to notice that if when i was starting to get nervous, if i drink a beer or so, the anxiety sensation passed…so, i was kinda band aid a problem and was starting another…instead of only drink at partyes, now i also drink so i dont feel bad…it worked out for 20 years almost, last year, 26 december 2019, after drinking some beers, like 4 or 5 litre…at night i went to hospital again…i was noticing that in my hanghovers now i have panic atacks, during the day i was always tired, hyperventilating and other stuff, i was in denial but i know what that was…so in the night of 26 dec i could not take any longer and went to hospital…they gave me lots of stuff to calm down, etc etx…nothing was working, the doctor asked me if i drink regulary, usualy i only drink at friday and saturday, then he asked me what i drink and how much…fu** i felt ashame to tell that but i have to, so like 20/30 beers …then the doctor tryed another stuff, he put some meds on the serum and i waited 1h with that sticked in my vein, i felt great, realy great, didnt know what he puted there but i was super ok, my wife sister is a nurse in that hospital , and later she went to check my files and called me, she sayed that they gave me meds to alcoholic privation simptoms…man that open the ground below my legs…was the last drop, so …after 26 december 2019 i quit drinking, started a rigurous diet, made all kind of medical exames,the conclusion was that my panic atacks came from the body crash after to much alcool and some other tecnical terms, the exames though were all good for my big surprise after so many years of abuse, i was with 100kg at 26 dec, today i still dont drink, still on diet, and with 80kg, started a treatment to the panic atacks, (after 20 years)
… and i feel great without drinking…still is a chalenge to go to concerts or biker partyes drinking water…but i take one day at the time, so…this is my story, and once more , sorry for the long text.
Cheers all


Thank you :slight_smile:

Life is way easier and cheaper without beer! Welcome

Hi and welcome,I’m glad that you are finally getting your anxiety and panic attacks sorted through medication from a medical proffesional and not just self medicating with alcohol. Have a good read around the forum there is plenty of good information,tips and tricks available for you. :slight_smile::blush::slight_smile:

Hi @Rodrigues_Carlos, and welcome here! You can be proud of yourself for giving up your beers, changing your diet and your entire life, most importantly adressing your panic attacks without beer but medical help, that sounds good! Hope you enjoy the community here, and stay strong on your path!