Hi i’m a new comer

hi i’m new at this i am in a recovery program in el monte so far so good one day at a time


Welcome. Good luck. Do your best to stay in the fight. Stick around, you’ll meet some great people who have a lot to share. Whatever situation you can dream up, somebody here has already lived thru it. You can learn a lot of coping mechanisms, get great support and probably even make a few friends.


Welcome :heart_eyes: @Jovel818. This is a great forum. Read a lot. Come here whenever you crave. There is always someone to talk to to keep you away from your DOC!

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Welcome here Jesse! This place and the people here can be a great help in your journey towards recovery. I’m glad you’re here. The more we are the stronger we are. Hope to see you posting more, but just reading can be very supportive too. So much knowledge, so many good folks sharing part of their lives. Success!


Hi Jesse! Welcome :pray:t2::two_hearts:

Great to have you here!