Hi you all

Hi everyone my name is Seth. My mental health was part of the reason I got into porn. I have been addicted since 2006. I have been looking at Porn since 1995 but it became a an addiction in 2006.
Before then I only looked at porn and masturbated like a few times a year. Sometimes only once a year. However since 2006 I only became sober for a long while, 21 days. This happened just after I became honest to my wife after 11 years of marriage. She supports my recovery and we are still together. I probably should have started my recovery earlier but now that I am stable and my mental health symptoms are lessened tremendously I know that I will never give up on recovering from my porn addiction. It feels great to be sober. I feel so much more joy now. Hopefully I can beat my 21 day record from last year. I wrote a book last year called “The Light Within”. It is about my journey through mental illness. Writing that story has helped me get even more stable. I am now working on writing my story on addiction. I encourage everyone to Write your story, whether it is journaling or an actual book. It is well worth it. I know there is hope and faith and happiness for everyone. Take care you all.

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