Hidden Bottles?!?!


Wow… so I’ve started packing up the house to move today and I’m finding bottles hidden everywhere that I must have stashed in blackouts. I thought I always got rid of the evidence. It’s pretty humbling especially when I start thinking I don’t have a problem again. That always happens after I get some sobriety under my belt.


Is funny how our mind works, with sobriety we feel great and theres nothing wrong with us because in reality we are doing good in life, and the main reason is we stay away from alcohol. Is quite a conundrum but as long as we stay sober today life will continue to be good for us.


I still find bottles in the weirdest places. The other day I had to go to the attic to check my a/c…there ended up being about 100 empty beer cans I apparently left up there to hide how much I was drinking.


I used to walk to the public bin around the corner. I once attempted to run round to it and fell flat on my face smashing my eye socket :roll_eyes:


I had the same thought. As alcoholics we are like “wow, life is good. Maybe I never had a problem. So I’m gonna go make one and drink again.”


Yep that’s what happened to me after over a year


Yup! I keep finding them. Thing is I wasn’t blackout drunk when hiding them and I know where they all are. I got rid of most of them but I’ve left the odd ones around the house to serve as a reminder when I “forget” I have a problem.


I guess we feel like we can control it. That’s what I always say to myself. I just want to be normal. From now on it’s just one drink… well maybe two… ehhhh fuck it, this is just who I am, I’m never going to change, I’m just drinking what I want. No problem here lol.


I’ve found more than a couple stamp bags and even a few rigs stashed in clothing. I’m sure my parents are finding even more in their house lol


I think I have found all my bottles. I was digging through my trunk the other day and found a paper bag. The people with me had no idea but I felt immediatly like checking my 6 and started blushing. I know what that bag used to have in it and why it was in my trunk. 470+ days sober and evidence still lingers.


Haha 10 months on I’m still finding bottles too. I found one the other day in a box of Xmas decorations under my bed. Half full, so obviously my partner was due back home so I hid it


I did the same thing when I quit. Good for you for owning it and accounting for it. You never have to do that again!


I never got to the point where I hid bottles in the house. I know though if I relapse and keep it secret from my husband I will be hiding them. The image of that helps keep me from relapsing.


I do the same! When I come back to Australia from San Francisco where my partner lives, my boyfriend would find a bunch of empty cans under the bed, in sock drawers, put back in the fridge, in bookshelves, in the bathroom trashcan, under the stairs, pushed between couch cushions :-/.
We would make a joke about it, but I know we both hated it!


It’s hard, the last time my husband left me I begged and pleaded and promised that if he stayed I would never drink again. Then there I was doing it again and hiding it from him. What the hell is wrong with me? I was making sure I was “asleep” before he got home from work so I didn’t have to talk which would be a dead give away. I’m sure I will find more bottles as I have not done the bedroom yet :pensive:
Everything is a little foreign and triggering right now. I realized today that I pretty much associate every activity with drinking. Minus when I’m at the office, because of course since I’m able to refrain at the office I don’t have a problem lol.


I used used to live with my parents and wasn’t “allowed” to drink there so I stashed all the empty bottles in weird places and packed them all when I moved. I’ve found at least one in every box I’ve unpacked.

When I accumulated too many bottles while I was there I’d load them in my car and throw them away in random trash cans.

I’m super classy.


Yesss!!! Haha, I say this too lol. Finding them is a little wake up call, and for that I’m grateful.


I was the bottle hiding QUEEN. And I definitely have forgotten where I hid them. I would hide them in pillow cases, hard to reach cabinets, pockets of jackets I never wore, inside tall winter boots, backpacks, storage bins, behind photographs, in the laundry basket, in the spare compartment where you keep an extra tire for your car, my lunchbox, between the mattress cushions—insanity isn’t even CLOSE to how I was behaving, let alone feeling. It took so much energy to drink. So much planning. I could be a master at any craft with the effort put into my drinking!!! I’m excited to put ALL that energy into healthy parts of my life now. Y’all have a happy Sunday now!!! I’m on day EIGHT and I know I will!!! :tada::two_hearts::pray:t4:


Congrats on day 8!!! And OMG, I use the same places. Now we can use our craftiness for good Haha. I’m only 13 days today. :slight_smile:


Ain’t no “only” about 13 days, @Girlinterrupted! That’s fantastic and a big dang deal!