Hidden Bottles?!?!


Hey @Girlinterrupted your doing great, 13 days is amazing! You’ve gotten through the most difficult part, so just keep trying to get better. It wont be long till your at a month and you’ll realize just how fast it went by and how great your’re really starting to feel!


This morning I had a big reality check … I just found a bottle that I totally forgot I drank one night an of course did not wanted my husband to see it … well it’s there as a hard evidence of how out of control I really was.
After 2 great weeks sober , last Sunday I felt like maybe I could have some wine …:disappointed: and I did. I felt horrible. And today this bottle just came to Confirm what I can’t drink


Super humbling, right?!! I’m still packing and funding stuff. I really thought I had it under control this time. I hope finding that helps you as much as it did me. Thank you for sharing that and thanks for helping me feel not so alone :heart_eyes:


It happens. 6 months sober and I’m cleaning up my workshop. In a locker I find like 5 mini-bottles all empty, of cheap vodka. I remember that I bought these and would make an excuse to go down there, and would take a couple of quick shots.

Great reminder of how bad I was. Sneaking and hiding so as not to have my wife find out. Sad.

But no more. Never again. Forward, always forward.