Hit day 5 today!

Today is day 5 of being sober. Still feel some residual nausea from the last binge 5 days ago. I didn’t want to wake up today but I forced myself to and I did it with some positive pep talk to myself. I’m going to force myself to be nice to myself so that I can become stronger to fight this addiction to alcohol. I can’t wait to get through this weekend without alcohol. I actually would love to go out for lunch without alcohol. I suffered injuries to my foot and knee for a year now and They finally took off my cast. It was causing a lot of depression from the weight gain and led to a lot drinking also. I am going to walk around this weekend, get some fresh air, and enjoy an alcohol free weekend.


Congratulations! :tada: I’m just one day behind you and will be happy to have the next few days over and done with. A walk sounds lovely. I might steal that idea. Hope you have nice weekend. :blush:

Enjoy your weekend.