Holiday Helps

With the holidays upon us I thought it would be fun and festive to share some helpful holiday tips that keep us having fun while staying sober. Here’s one of mine … I make a yummy festive drink with half cranberry juice and half 7-Up. Pour over ice in a nice glass with a sprig of green parsley, and join in the fun!

What’s your favorite holiday tip that allows you to join in the fun while staying sober?


That’s gonna be a great thread @Cindi.
I’m usually with my herbal tea to stay hydrated… loads of herbal tea :wink: But love the ideas of making a festive drink. And yours sounds great already. I like beetroot juice on ice mixed with a bit of black currant juice. That’s delicious but not really festive :joy:
Let’s see if we can get some more ideas :pray:


Nice thread! I look forward to new things to try!

I like Russian tea, especially with redhots in it!

Also, might be in the minority here, but eggnog and 7UP is good too!

But my number one tip for making it through the holidays sober, especially if this is your first sober hiliday season, is don’t go! Stay home, stay sober!

Us addicts/alcoholics tend to be people pleasers and we often feel like we HAVE to do things for the benefit of others. Truth is, we don’t, we really don’t. No one holds it against me, or remembers for that matter, the time in 2018 when I skipped the holidays, working on my sobriety was more important to me.

Think of it this way, if you were in the hospital in a full body cast, you wouldn’t be able to go… in early sobriety, you’re healing… same thing. :blush:


Wow, great response! Good advice. Thank you. I think I might try that Russian tea! And yes, I love eggnog … with 7-Up sounds different, but I might like it!


Thanks, Anne!

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Wise words @HoofHearted
Thank you for the reminder!


Thank you for this thread - was thinking of starting something along these lines as this time of year is super rough to navigate and the urges run amuck.

few things i find helpful

  • if hosting a party / get together. i make sure to have my mocktails and la croix and na drink options on hand. (i think a few threads here on mocktails also google is awesome for suggestions… i do love making a virgin cider sangria).
  • if going to a party / outing - bring your own drinks with you or call ahead to make sure venue has options.
  • always make sure to have a drink in hand so that you are not tempted to get a drink or have others offer you one
  • have a safe space to go to in order to catch a breath. have an exit plan in place if things get too much (even if at your own home).
  • be able to reach out to a friend / sponsor if needed
  • know this site is always live and happening so i can reach out at any point to connect with someone
  • if you feel unsure then skip the party / gathering. nothing is worth sacrificing your sobriety.

I like hot apple cider with a bit of cinnamon. I also like hot milk steeped with two or three green cardamom pods. Just microwave the milk, add the pods, let it sit a few minutes, remove pods, enjoy. For a cold beverage, try tart unsweetened cherry juice mixed with mineral water. A dash of almond extract really adds a nice touch.