Holidays and sobriety

It’s no secret that the holidays are a difficult time for those of us that are sober. I’ve declined invitations to holiday parties and I’m totally ok with it! I’ve chosen not to be around all of the temptation and remove myself from the situation. I don’t feel I am at a place where I can be around alcohol for long periods of time. With that said, I do use a few little tricks in case I do end up out and about possibly around alcohol.

I bring my carbonated water and some juice and mix those together so I can partake with a drink in my hand (helps me not feel left out) and still stick to my sobriety. What tips and tricks do you have to survive the holiday season?

I’m am 6 months sober!!! Yay!


I’ve been known to also bring my own selzter/soda water. It’s really the only thing for me than can help so I dont rely on others to have it stocked. Even got myself a cute little bag to carry it in so know one knows.

A cute bag sounds great! May do that myself! Thanks

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This will be my first holiday sober. It’s difficult because before, Halloween was when we meet up with the neighbors and take the kids out and about with our “Togo” cocktails. I’m feeling confident though, going to bring my La Croix and some gum and focus on the little one and the fun she’s going to have rather than the “fun” I might feel I’m missing out on by not drinking with the crowd. I’ll be checking in for a quick reminder to keep on track as the night goes on!!