Hollo all , I'm greatful to be here l, I'm a addict and alcoholic

Today was a bottom

I have found in real life my self esteem and self confidence is gone.
I realized this during looking at the floor all day second guessing everything, even mid sentence stumbling around

I have nothing but i am a strong healthy and smart person

Step one
Admitted we were powerless over alcohol that lt our lives have become unmanageable

Step two
Came to believe a power greater then ourselves can restore us to SANITY

step 3
Gave our will and our lives over to the care of god, as we understood him

Right now I’m nothing but these 3 steps
aa slowed down my using
It works
I even kept comming

I’m ready

I know I might get some tough love
But this is a real disease I have
The 12 stepts is where I will find my peace and serenity

I’m going to take a quick break and read out of my step book

I will be be back later tonight

P.s. I deeply apologise for how long this is taking. I really really do

The timer has been reset


I have been here since 2016. I am on Day 2.

It’s too late when you’re dead or you’ve stopped trying. You’re here. Act, monitor, adjust. You already know what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked. People here have given you hard truths.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

You’re still here.


Heyy earnit

Thank you


As long as you really want this and keep trying, you will get there. But you have to truly want it or else you won’t ever be ready. You have nothing to apologize for.

Keep up the hard work man! Remember just one day at a time.


Ride those 3 steps, there’s a reason they’re the first 3 my man.

Don’t disappear, keep coming back, keep trying, keep grinding, keep moving forward.

I didn’t succeed my first time, or second, or third… my sobriety may not last forever but it’s working for today, and thats all I need it to do.


Resets happen and that’s okay, this time you’ll beat it! The fact you’re here and not giving up is huge. Definitely a lot harder than I thought it would be but I know I speak for many saying, you’re not alone. We’ll get through this, a better life awaits.


Thank you guys

I’m trying so hard


Hey bud! How you feeling?

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Very possibly you will. My Sponsor has 51 years sober and he said something about tough love…quoted as best as I remember, “Tough love is great, except there will come a point when your sponsee is on his own and you are not there to dish it out, what will he do” He said this to me when I got my first sponsee.

So, people dish you out some tough love. When they are not around what will you do?

For me in the beginning. I lived on here. When I wasnt working I did anything that kept busy. Reading, writing, cooking, chores…

I changed people, places, things. Being sober came before everything.

When that started to fail I walked in to AA. The rest is history.


I always liked

“Theres no such thing as brutal honesty, you’re either brutal, or you’re honest”


l always looked at my drinking days and told all the “fun stories”. Early on in my sobriety, I started looking at those stories from an “outsiders” perspective. What I saw, was no longer fun. It was a sad, hurting young man that couldnt cope with his life and turned to the worst possible outlet…alcohol.


if you have a sponsor give him a ring stay close effort and desire wish you well


Heyy man
I feel good

I woke up and I’m out of bed
Just finished some coffee

I wish I got up earlier but it’s not a issue today

Tomorrow I have volunteer and I can’t wait

I’m feeling good :slight_smile:


Gooood man. I still havent figured out the getting up early thing either. Glad youre feeling good. Keep posting man.

When those urges come be prepared, they are cunning.


Quiting is an active choice/decision.
Its not a feeling.
It is the point where when i was done surrendering to the monster and i seeked help.
Id say follow a treatment learn about your disease.