Holy $hit 29 days

Its Friday night and I just hit 29 days!!! Ekkkkk man seems like yesterday I was 3 days in and scared out of my mind.

Thank you for all the encouragement!


Congrats, I just hit 1 month today. Keep up the great efforts and as you know, just keep a reminder of why you’re changing your habits and what you’re fighting for.

Just like a stone dropped in the water it creates a ripple. So like the stone, stay strong and ride that wave. Enjoy the beauty that comes with flowing with the new current you’re on.

Best wishes and I’m happy for you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great job! I remember some of your first posts. I felt exactly the same way those first few days, as I imagine we all did. So happy for you and being able to support you on this journey. This app changed my life and I could never say enough thank yous to everyone here. Keep making good changes and it will just keep getting better. All the best lady :heart:


That’s so great Randa, amazing accomplishment! How do you feel today compared to 30days ago?

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When I read your comment earlier I would have e said amazing…but right now…my mom and step dad are drunk and have taken the chance to basically tell me what a worthless peice of shit I am! 29 days and 22 hours…and it fucking sucks!

I’m sorry that you’re experiencing that from your parents, you don’t deserve that. I know it’s not my place to say, though, it’s sounds as though they have their own demons to face.

I want you to know I’m proud of you and you wear that like a badge of honour. In a world and society designed to create depression, problems and addictions; you are making the conscious choice to rise above and stand strong. It’s not easy and temptation is everywhere, with the courage in your heart I believe in you. Everyone in here acknowledging and opening up and just trying shows courage.

I do hope your night takes a 180 and becomes abit more pleasant. In the meantime, keep doing you.


Thank you!!!

2 hours of them screaming at me, everytime I tried to walk away they kept chasing me to just verbally attack me, my son was terrified. So while I should be excited for day 30 I’m crying and feeling like shit.

I’m so sorry to read that! D-: What’s their fucking problem? It’s there a chance you can not see them anymore?