Homage to Screen names past

This isn’t for people that we miss. We got that covered. This is for those that have changed their screen names and we miss the old ones. We can also guess who was who if you don’t remember.

@caustic @stevie-T @dot.dot.dot

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I miss being me :joy:

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Ohh I don’t know those ones. Let’s play 20 questions.

Are they still active?


Even I don’t know those 2 and I started lurking before I got sober :rofl:


By the way,

Isn’t stevie-t now known as @Yoda-Stevie?

I don’t know caustic or dot.dot.dot


OK question 2. Have they been here longer than a year. Please no one spoil this for me.

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This is the first year for both of them


Tried to message you but I can’t I just realized some people may have switched their name due to privacy concerns so I am wondering if this topic is ok?

Ludo is very active here…under a different name.

They both are very active here

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Oh man, I am at a loss. Wait. I think I know who ludo is, but I don’t want to blow up privacy if that’s a concern.

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No, please do not say who it is. People want their privacy, that is why they changed names.

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That’s why I was checking. I guess I wasn’t looking big picture when I started doing this.

And honestly, I’m having second guesses anyway. I remember a few name changes but I can’t quite get them straight.

However, @niina (not sure of spelling) is another one.

Or they are rebels like me who deleted their accounts then made a new one and didn’t want to be found out but got told on by someone who didn’t like me :joy::joy::joy:

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I want my real screen name back :disappointed::sob::rofl:

I am probably the one who deleted your account for you, but for the life of me, I have no idea what your old persona was!

Nope Bill did it.
It’s been over a year since I deleted it.
I deleted it because Robin and I got into and I knew I was about to get banned🤷‍♀️

Ah, well, it seems to have worked out then.