Home alone, trying not to relapse

Hi all I live alone and struggle to control my addiction when I’m at home alone. I don’t have any friendships as I’ve ruined them all because of my addiction. How do others cope when their alone. I’m a love and sex addict, and usually reach out to people for company when i feel lonely, but their allways male friends and I end up sleeping with them.
I have already made my home situation difficult by sleeping with my neighbours son for a few months and pulling away when he wanted to commit. He lives six doors up on a tiny terrace. We bumped into each other earlier and he ignored me. I want to message him but I know that’s part of my addiction. How do I work through the guilt?

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Your addiction is running your life. You need an alternate way to scratch the itch. Sex is great but not if it hurts other people. Hope you feel better

I had similar issues when I was alone. I have a network in my fellowship through SAA to reach to when I feel the urge to act out. I go for walk/run, journal or meditate as well.

I know that’s why I’m giving up and in recovery. I’m trying really hard. I’m good during the day, I engage with other things and friends, it’s when I’m home alone, I need to find a way to keep myself distracted at home. Reaching out here helps, better than reaching out to people around me. Thank you for your reply.

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Thanks. I’ve heard a lot about the fellowship. I’m going to connect with that. I’m happy you’ve found something that helps you.