Honesty is the best policy


I’m straight uo norr doing well. The old habits have consumef me. I’m not even sure what to do. It’s almost like I stopped cating. 6 months on September 9th. .and now I’m a wreck.


@Bill_Phillips, it’s hard because you are getting back on track and doubtless feeling overwhelmed. You have been strong before and will be again. Contact people in your support group, tell them you’re struggling and set in place a plan to get through the next hour, day.


Bill, call an AA member…go to a meeting.


I need to ball domeon6


Get on the phone mate. You are in my thoughts and everyone’s here. You don’t have to do this alone.


@Bill_Phillips, absolutely, call someone Bill :+1: get help from your sober buddies


I need to talk to someone


I’m living in the woods…bard to get get to a meet8.


It’s hard when you don’t make the effort man. You are gonna have to be uncomfortable. I’ve been in many a room with the unwashed, unkempt man, he was always welcome.


You’re drowning and the only thing that Will help is to learn how to swim. No amount of love and well wishes or money is going to change you. You have to do the work. Will it Be hard? Yes. Will it Be worth it? Doesn’t matter cause you’re Dead unless you Star at least floating. Which means staying sober one Day at a Time.
Hard to get to a meeting from the Woods? Didn’t Stop you from getting to a liquor store? Those arent in the Woods either.
I love you Dude. Stop hurting yourself


@Bill_Phillips, I’m sure i read recently about a man in your country, who walked all night to get to an early morning job interview, he had to walk as his car broke down, it took several hours of walking and you can only imagine his thoughts on that lonely journey, would the effort be worth it? was he wasting his time? should he just give up and forget about it and turn back? Well, this man pushed through that just as you have done Bill for 6 months!!, so we know you have the strength to push through and make that effort again. The man got the job, his new boss was so impressed by his determination, he also gave him a new car, what great things will change for you, if you dig deep. Good luck, it’s in your hands.


Right there.


Well being honest with ourselves and to everyone else Leaves our mind at peace. the rest we can not control.(how someone may feel about the situation etc…) we have no regrets or feelings of guilt once we are honest. Sometimes holding things in give us romantic thoughts of using to supress these thoughts of guilt and regrets. It works but temporarily… Im glad you have came to the table accessed it and are moving forward. Only the strong perserver…


@Bill_Phillips you know we love you man and you know that we come from a place of love with everything we say.
You have you get back to the place you were. I know you are having a rough time. And I am so very sorry everything seems to be piling up on you so quickly but you and I both know that drinking and doing drugs is not going to help you in the end.
Once we get sober we know that each relapse is harder to come out of. Continuing down this path will surely lead to one of 2 places jail or a grave. You have picked up drugs that weren’t even your DOC and that worries me because now you are willing to do anything for that high.
Don’t go to far down that Rabbit hole before getting the help you need. Get your ass to a meeting. If you don’t mind going and buying booze and drugs while living in the woods you shouldn’t mind going to a meeting where you know they will understand. This is coming from someone who doesn’t do meetings but I know they will understand where you are coming from right now and they will help you.
If someone came to a meeting a bit smelly and broken and needed help would you turn him away no you wouldn’t because you know what it’s like to be in that position. So go to a meeting then go to your interview for the housing. We know that’s the best thing for you.


Bill - stop it. Just stop. It’s not hard to get to a meeting. Don’t blow off this Oxford House interview. Get your face washed. Eat something. Get to that interview. You have a son. If you can’t believe that you are worth more than drinking, using, and drugged up women, know that Dylan believes you are. He needs his Dad.

Go wash your face. Get your ass to a meeting. Get to your interview.


I remember when I was in relapse mode there wasn’t anything anyone could say to stop me unless I was ready. I hope you are ready bc people like us have a shelf life when it comes to this shit.


Hope you are ok @Bill_Phillips, I have been thinking about you all day … you were one of the first people who encouraged and supported me here, for which am truly thankful for :heart:


Chin up mate, if you’re under the influence on your posts read back and remember you are a strong willed person who can beat this awful addiction :+1:


Thinking of you @Bill_Phillips. I am sure you want a good life of sobriety so get back to it! Reach out for help. AA/NA is a good option because it is available. It’s not perfect for everyone but it helps.


Man, I don’t want to see you on the bring out your dead thread. When I start thinking I have too many problems, it helps me to remember that I’m a straight, white male in America. When put in perspective, I have very, very few problems.