Hooray it’s been…

I am three days and three hours sober. I know it’s not very long but I’m committed. I’m putting drinking I’m my past. I started a rehab program and will see this through.


Welcome…the hardest and longest days are the first ones.

Be active, it helps


Welcome Craig! They say the first 3 days and 3 hours are the hardest, so you’re past that and on your way! Really, though, the first days and week or two are the roughest physically, so hang onto your sobriety date with both hands for a little while. Rehab had helped lots and lots of folks, that was a healthy decision for you.

Blessings on your house :pray: as you begin your journey.


Thank you. I refuse to fail.

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I appreciate it. Thank you.

Warm welcome to the community, Craig. :slightly_smiling_face: I agree with @Thirdmonkey, so know that you aren’t alone, and there’s support here for you. :purple_heart:


I appreciate it.