Hope I don't drink after work

i know how people who drink alot can lose weight. I feel like crap all the time and food almost makes me gag

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Welcome to the community. It’s simple, when you get home. Just don’t drink, don’t pick up that first drink. Be strong and fight through, you’re not going to die if you don’t drink. You will kill yourself slowly if you do drink. Find a different hobby, go for a walk, call it a early night and take a nice hot shower, eat some chocolate. Just relax and enjoy your night without alcohol and you will see it truly is a awesome life.


The guy who ran the IOP I was in ~10 years ago used to always say, “hope is for suckers” in response to this.

Don’t “hope” you don’t drink. Do whatever you have to do to ensure you don’t drink. Whatever it takes.


Someone at an AA meeting told me once don’t try it, do it. If you wanna stay sober, you can. Watch a movie. Read a book. You got this. :+1:t2:


Sometimes its like just the thought in your brain has already created the inception and its hard to fight, willpower and activities and sharing with similar people I think will help me.

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Think about the whole scenario though, not just the first sip; you may over drink, do or say something stupid, blackout… wake up the next day hating yourself. You’re healthy and funny without it…


Absolutely man, that’s what I like to call my unconscious mind. The one that tells me it’s ok to drink again and it will be different this time. You have to use your concious mind the one that knows deep down it won’t be different and that one drink is just never enough. The outcome will always be the same. Admitting that ourselves is a huge first step. Sharing and finding new activies to keep your mind occupied will absolutely help. Check in here often and reach out when u think times are getting tough


This is what works for me. If I think of the pour, the sip, the first glass. But then what? Will I be done? No. I’ll see that empty glass and say just a splash more. But then THAT glass will be empty. So just a half glass. By then my stress is up because I know it’ll all be over, "the fun " and then a voice will way, screw it. You’ve gone this far, might as well go all the way.
Nothing is worth that. Make yourself an ice cold non alcoholic beverage and muscle through.


I don’t know how long it is since you ate properly but your aversion to food is probably down to the alcohol at the moment. It is a vicious cycle because drink only provides empty calories and you are almost certain to have low levels of thiamine (vit B1) which will put you at risk of permanent term brain damage as well as other vitamins and minerals such as sodium and potassium. Alcohol is also a depressant and diuretic so all of this points to one thing - your eating and drinking habits are making you feel like crap, or at least is a big part of it.
The way out is to exit the cycle by not drinking. It may be tempting to drink because you feel crap but that will only feed the downward spiral. Soon after you stop drinking you will start to notice an improvement in how you feel and this will get better and better. If you can supplement your B1 with 100mg tablets so much for the good.
It is a commitment and, as other people have pointed out, not just hope. But it is a commitment to yourself to live a healthier and happier life. You will be able to tackle whatever life throws at you better as well.
Have a look on this sight to see what other people have done and take strength from it. Best wishes. :pray: :heart:


Thanks for the support

I’d contest losing weight because of booze, but it probably depends on the person.

When drinking, I’d also eat a lot of garbage and never had the steam or the interest to do any exercise. The pounds were piling on at the end and I felt horrible.

Sober I immediately lost a lot of weight from appetite choices going back to normal. Then still more as I had the interest and energy for fitness again.

But also I had decided to divert some of my newfound sober energy into such things. Got quicker and stronger.

Others mileage may vary!

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Well I am at the stage where I am recovering from the alcohol and have a sour stomach so when I try and eat I have to force myself. If I manage to drink lightly for a night or 2 I am fine and can eat. It’s a vicious cycle i am in

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and the sad part is I know I will feel better if I don’t drink but common since leaves by the time I make it home