Hopefully my last and final attempt

Hello again,

I say again because I’ve come in here trying to get sober so many times. This time is a bit different however, I’m currently in hospital for detox and withdrawal management. It’s been pretty eye opening to know that all of my attempts to get sober on my own I was fighting all of those withdrawal symptoms cold turkey, and that’s scary!!! They have me on Valium to manage my withdrawal, and are starting me on naltrexone to help fight cravings. Has anyone had long term success with naltrexone ??
Best of luck to all, today is the morning of my 3rd day alcohol free


I’m not very long term but I’ve been on naltrexone since my last binge/episode landed me in the hospital and psychiatric hold. So far 74 days without a drink but I can’t really say if its because of my life being left in ruins or because the naltrexone is actually working.
Possibly a mixture of both?


I’ve also tried Antabuse before but the pills will only work if you take them, same with naltrexone. I hear some people have had success with the injection? But i also hear after the 3rd week, its strength starts to decrease.

My partner was on the injection and still drank alot.

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So glad you’re back here, and there in detox. I needed it too back then.
Naltrexone works well for cravings and comes in oral daily dosing or injectable monthly.
By far, as you and I both know some other approach is needed to stay sober. Meds are one part but getting immersed in recovery and developing a solid foundation is of the utmost importance.
So, we never have to do day 1 again. Hugs to ya and feel better soon.


Hello! I wish you well!
I was on the monthly injection of Naltrexone for about 6 months. It worked great for me. I had been trying for years to get back under control, even with an active AA program. The Naltrexone really made a difference for me. After the 6 months, I switched to the daily pill form. I’ve been sober going on 13 months now. I switched to the daily pill because of the cost. My insurance covered the injection but the monthly Dr visit for the shot was $100+ for me.

Good luck! We’re all rooting for you!


Keep fighting for your life. Congrats on 3 days, congrats on knowing you need to fight. I would strongly recommend the monthly injection if you can during the beginning so you don’t have the option to not take it. Best wishes.