Hoping to be a former "functional user"


I’ve been a daily/heavy user of marijuana for the last 10 years. I also binge on alcohol.
I’m 40 and have a wife and 2 kids. I only use marijuana at home and never in front of my wife or kids. I mostly use late at night after work while everyone is asleep. I never drink at home.
I don’t go out drinking a lot but when I do it’s always to the point of blacking out and when I get back home it’s right back to the pot. I also work in the hospitality industry and have alcohol readily available at work and lately I’ve been indulging there as well.
I have had no run ins with the law over the years as I think that I’m being “careful” about my using. Since I work in a “party” type atmosphere, the drinking at work goes unnoticed.
I’m 2 days sober and want to be done with marijuana for good and also either curb my drinking or eliminate that as well.
I always thought weed wasn’t addictive, you just quit when you want. I hope to be a better father and husband and I know I can’t when I’m using.


Quiting weed too. I’m going through my 4th day.
Members on this app adviced me not to compensate my weed consumption with any other substance. So I advice you do the same thing. Good luck to you.


I dont care what people say about about marijuana. You can become addicted and there are withdrawals. I experienced serious depression and suicidal thoughts when I was coming down. So if you find yourself in a really dark place, its probably because of that and it will pass eventually. I was also super tired. Good luck with your journey to sobriety. Ive worked in restaurants in the past so I am all to familiar with that environment. I hope for your sake there is at least 1 sober person working there. If not, it will be good for your coworkers to see someone sober.


It’s day 4 for me and you’re spot on about the depression and being tired. Got a full 8 hours sleep last night and then was napping an hour after waking up today. Day off from work today so I forced myself to be active and got a lot done around the house. Now I’m trying to relax and the deep depression is there.
Thanks for replying to my initial post and sharing your experience when you quit. I re-read it and it helps me to know that it will pass. Thank you.