Horrible withdrawals

What was your worst withdrawal symptom? Mine seem to be insomnia, sweating, and just plan anxiety.

Definitely gastro-intestinal. I’ll spare the details beyond I think I single-handedly drove up the sales of Tucks pads, during this time.


You name it I’ve experienced it, wanting to throw your arm up against a wall because it feels better than what it currently feels like just being attached to my body doing nothing

Can’t imagine what that’s like. Sounds absolutely horrible. Hope these are long gone.

Sweats and anxiety for me!! Day 8 sober feeling a bit better :slight_smile:


Yeah I have horrible anxiety. Can’t even sleep. I wish I could go 8 days with out drinking. Congrats on that!

Trust me it’s been hard. Last time I went this long with out a drink was in the summer when I was forced to go to detox. I love my beer trust me… Lol but if I can do it so can you!!! Got to be strong and positive during this battle!! Wish you all the best

Yeah my dreams have been extremely weird lately

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Glad they are gone. I sleep so soundly (a benefit from learning to sleep with cannons firing) that I rarely recall my dreams at all, and they only awaken me maybe once a year, if that. I count this as a blessing, as my poor wife battles insomnia, that “hamster on a wheel” where her racing thoughts keep her awake.

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My sleep is usually pretty bad first week or two.

It’s been different each time. The FIRST time, after many years of abuse, I really struggled with the nightmares. But this time (after several short relapses) I haven’t had a single nightmare…but that first week I hardly slept. It was a lot of insomnia.

But now that I’m out of immediate withdrawals and into PAWS, I get lots of emotional roller coasters. Oh the sadness out of the blue still surprises me.

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Insomnia, sweats, palpitations, anxiety, vomiting.

Just typing that has made me feel ill. No wonder I don’t want to go back.

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The anxiety and it always hits me when I try to go to sleep!

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I guess the worst was being taken to hospital because i went into a massive delirium, but to be honest i don’t really remember anything of it so i can’t say the whole experience was that awefull for me. Learning that i could have died later on was a huge wake up call though.

What i thought sucked the most was the sweating, heart palpitations and shaking. For about a week it was like having seizures, pure hell. Really don’t wanna go through detox again tbh :joy:


Where do I begin, the anxiety, night sweats waking up in a puddle of sweat (ughhhh), back pain, restless legs, arms feel so weird that you just want to rip your bones out of your skin… They were all the worst, I’m so glad to be out of that cycle, because that was my morning everyday before I would suffocate myself in oxycodone to temporarily relieve the symptoms that the drug was causing! It’s crazy if you think about it!

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Every day, week and month gets better. It’s so worth it. Hang in there!

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You can!!!

The shaking! I could barely walk down stairs without my legs giving out from shaking so bad. Night sweats, panic attacks, dreams so vivid I couldn’t tell what was real or not after waking up. Stick with it and keep telling yourself these symptoms will go away. If you are scared, check yourself into a detox center where they can administer Librium to help with all these awful symptoms. I did and am currently 14 days sober and feeling wonderful. Also, get some exercise!

I had severe sweating (having to get up and shower and change clothes, itching/crawling skin, anxiety and panic attacks, nightmares about my past use and events that took place

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