How are you all

How you all doing not checked in for a wile i hope your all doing well x


Hey Stevie. Good to see you buddy. I’m cool mate thanks, still fighting the good fight.

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Feeling great, busy day ahead. How are you Stevie?

Glad your all doing well. Am really goid thank you day by day but two more days am am on a month sober feeling happy


Go you Stevie :star_struck::muscle:t2:. I’m doing ok, tired a lot but I work constantly, it’s Ok though. How nice to have a chatty and uncomplicated thread :grin:

Thanks mate yea man do well no stress things are falling into place now i am straight headed. We have the power to make the changes to live the life we want

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Doing ok. Recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction but hey im on day 78 and super happy!!


On Holiday and checking in to keep myself accountable. Enjoying a sober holiday for the first time. Even slept really good last night.

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