How are you guys doing?

Just wanna how how people are doing and to just let you guys know I am going through this hard,amazing journey with you and I am here If you just need someone to talk to it hasnt been the easiest but hasn’t been the hardest I see my daughter and my fiance so much happier and that means so much to me and I love who I have become and I have become stronger everyday… I have 3 weeks today! Keep going guys its totally worth it!


Nice to know at three weeks you are happy and strong willed. I myself almost 3 weeks. I am having issues sleeping as I used alcohol to make me fall asleep. But in time I will get in a routine. Hope your journey goes well and again congrats on 3 weeks


Doing good so far! Finding out I’m almost to my 90 day mark has really put a boost in my morale maintaining sobriety. I did find a little shooter bottle of tequila in the back of my freezer which must’ve been there for ages… that was a tough one to throw out, then dig out of the garbage and dump it in the sink so I wouldnt be tempted… :sweat_smile:. Today marks day one of my 30 day vegan diet and so far so good! Cant wait to see your 1 month sobriety and each milestone going forward!


I’m so glad you are almost at your 90 day mark that is awesome! I cant wait for that day to come for me ! And ya I am glad you were strong enough to through it away good job! And dang your on a roll with doing a vegan diet and being sober keep going!


This happened to me a few days ago. Found a beer I must have hidden ages ago. Lol!

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Im on day 9 and me and my daughter got sick the past 3 days. I felt like God was testing me! Woke up today and feel wonderful though so I think I am passing the test. I really feel like the doors the universe is opening for me are beyond my wildest dreams since I have been on this sober journey. I just have to keep proving every day that I can do it. Reading This Naked Mind helped me alot too recently.

Hey mate. You’re here with us and we’re here with you. We are doing it all together. No worries, you will be alright :pray:t2::blush::four_leaf_clover:

Hi mate! Nice message :slight_smile: I’m doing fine. This app has helped me massively.

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