How are you spending the sober holiday

Great weather in Chicago so I’m getting the garden in. Almost done making the beds. Then installing a fire pit.


This weekend I am celebrating 1 year sober at the Half moon festival in NH. It’s a sober weekend. Workshops games, music, friendship, and support. Came here last year with only 2 days sober. Never could have done it with out all the amazing support and education I received here and of course my sober buddy who talked me into coming!


That’s living sober. Out there in the world, with your addiction defeated. You can go where you wish. No fear, because you are mentally strong. Sober is just part of who you are, and who you were meant to be.

Press on, regardless.


I am going to Arlington to visit a friend’s grave.

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That sounds awesome!! What are you planting?

I re planted everything on my deck a couple months ago…a little while before I became sober. I knew it would only survive if I was taking care of myself as well. And every day I make sure to give myself as much love as those plants… It’s the main focus in our living room and if I ever was to go down the wrong path, it would be reflected in those flowers. It’s a lovely reminder.

Actually that rose was just a few brown sticks when I decided to try to revive it. It’s like the most beautiful representation (to me) of what can happen when you give something a little love and focus.


I have a sober BBQ tomorrow smashed between my normal meetings. On Monday I get to go to my home group for the first time in a couple weeks. We have quite a few veterans there who I plan on thanking personally and then showing my gratitude by not drinking. I will be saying a special prayer for my grandfather who served and passed away when I was in active addiction. We always had a special bond when I was a kid that I let slip away due to my selfishness. I’ve never even admitted it until now, except to my sponsor. He never became fully aware of my problem and I’m thankful for that, but if he was aware I couldn’t of counted on him for support before anyone else.