How can I find out about zoom metings? ❤

I noticed something about zoom meetings on here. Can anybody give me more information about these please? :heart::heart::heart:

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I don’t know what time zone you’re in, but the Saturday zoom begins 1 pm central time (US) which is my time zone, and a link to join will be posted on this thread prior to the start. It tends to go on for several hours so there is plenty of opportunity to join.

I am in the UK :heart:

Cool! Then I believe it will begin in the evening for you, though I don’t know exactly what time.

That will be 7pm for you

Thank you so much. I also found some on the AAs website just now. I’d never heard of zoom before lo

Enjoy your meetings :heart::heart:


Sorry to be a pain but where do I get the codes from? :heart:

they will be uploaded before the meeting

Thank you :heart:

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