How can I get rid of vivid dreams?

I quit smoking weed 26 days ago. One thing I have really noticed is I now have vivid dreams every night and it is interrupting a good night’s sleep. Has anyone else experienced this? If so does it eventually go away? The dreams range from silly to down right terrifying. Any advice on ways to make them go away?

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You dont want to get rid of vivid dreams you just want to steer them in a better direction.

With practice you can then lucid dream… the realisation you are dreaming, in a dream.

Then you can do what you want. I have only been able to lucid dream properly a handful of times. But i am out of practice now and it takes a little preparation before you actually go to sleep.

I like to visualise a simple object in my minds eye. Like an apple. Try to think of an apple on its own. Against the black canvas of your closed eyes.

As you begin to drift off you will start seeing shapes or blobs melding in and out of existance… try to get them to make the apple. When you can visualise the apple… congrats… you will be able to inspect it from all angles and you will be dreaming… then the rest is up to you…

Tips: celebrities… try chilling with jack nicholson at a basketball game…

What about going to the moon?

What about a sexy dream? This tip comes with a caution. Obviously.


Loving this post. I am just over 24 hours off of pot/weed. I am a bit anxious about the dreams due to my ptsd. Currently have some meditation music playing. Anybody got any other suggestions or insight on what tonight will be like for me?

I like this a lot, good analogy and skill!