How did you recover?


I went 2 years ago, for about 5 weeks but didn’t stay sober.
I started again in January, I don’t go regularly but I have got a couple of numbers and an idea for a sponsor.
I have to drive to the next town, the one I went to last year was in my local town and only happened once a week.and I didn’t feel comfortable there
There is no pressure on you to do anything.


Hay mr g. Do u use the contact numbers u got ? Sounds silly but i always feel embarrassed to call people apart from my sponsor… i think i need to reach out a bit more as im closing myself off from the real world… i hope u do get a chance to work the steps as its changed my life and tge way i think so much x


I certainly don’t share at many meetings I go to. Sometimes what I need the most is to sit and listen. Other times, where I feel as if my message can benefit someone, I share my experience strength and hope on the topic. Sometimes I go and bring up the topic so I can see what worked for others when they were facing a similar situation. Sometimes I go because I can get a chance to talk to my sponsor. The important thing for me is that I go. Without going to meetings I can’t work the rest of my program, I can’t be of service to others, and I definitely can’t find my serenity without meetings.

Worst thing that can happen at a meeting is that you go and stay sober for an hour. Even if you don’t like it, you definitely wont be drinking.

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No never have. Not saying I haven’t needed to, because looking back, there probably have been times when I should have.
I think I will end up doing them.
This week is a bit of a journey for me. I’ve gone to London to meet Dan today. Getting a tat tomorrow and doing my wild walk Saturday. Next week we will see.

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I love your posts they are always so to the point x

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Use those numbers, girl! People give you their number because they WANT you to call. Often calling others helps them just as much as it helps me. :two_hearts::bird:

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Thankyou so much for the advice… im gonna do it … its so good to here that. X

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This is a side of it that I had not thought of before.

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i put AA people in my phone with a prefix “FOB” (friend of Bill). When I am having an off day I got to that section of my contacts and text every single one and ask them how they are doing. it helps me get out of my head. And then when I want to talk to someone we already have a rapport and it feels loads easier.


LOLOL I do the same thing! I also put their home group or the meeting I met them at because I have so many first names and not a lot of last names. I don’t want to get people mixed up.

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Yes I went to one in my home town in October last but like you I felt uncomfortable there. They were all nice people but it just didn’t feel right. But I don’t drive so not easy to go to another. Maybe I will try the local one again now I know I don’t have to get involved if I don’t feel like it thanks


Thank you that really is very helpful I just assumed that after week one you had to give a testimony or something



Even when they are taking turns with readings you can jsut say “pass”. You won’t even need to say your name.

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But is it not frowned upon because its like you’re not really doing what you’re there to do?


@adeygaga49 im going to my first meeting tomorrow after speaking to a local member earlier today. Ive been feeling anxious about going but have just finished reading the new starter pack on the AA website which explains the etiquette for meetings; i feel less nervous doing so and after reading this thread

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Nope. People are there to support you at whatever stage you are in your journey. Even for the person who had a beer while sitting in the parking lot. I’ve yet to see it but I hear stories all the time about someone who has come to a meeting still drunk. It is all good. You are there because you have a desire to stop drinking. That is the ONLY requirement for membership.

You are good no matter what you choose to do.


Nope! By me there is an old timer who talks about how he didn’t talk for 5 years - but he kept going to meetings and stayed sober. He doesn’t recommend waiting that long to talk, though.

One of my friends whose sobriety date is within a few days of mine goes to almost daily meetings for 7 months and he never talks at meetings other than to introduce himself. He says he will talk at a meeting some day, but isn’t ready yet. Everyone does things in their own time, when they are ready.

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Great! Please let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

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I will, thank you. Im hoping that i get on ok with it as i defintely need to have better support structures in place :+1:

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Amazing !! I never realised. I hope all meetings are the same x

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