How do I do my 12 steps

Where do I begin my stepwork. I am new to this and I have no clue where I should begin.


Hello, I don’t do the steps myself but didn’t want to read and run. I believe it is part of the AA process. Welcome by the way!


Goggle meetings near me…then go…the steps being done will take care of itself.

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Bwgin by getting a sponsor. Ask anyone. If they cant do it theyll find someone who can. Ask anyone you dont have to be fishing buddies first thats a misconception.

Go from there once you have a sponsor. Good luck reach out any time.


In order to get a sponsor that can take you through the Book (which in turn takes you thru the steps), youd need to find some meetings near you :slight_smile: i think its great that u want to begin the steps. Welcome to the forum also by the way! This is a wonderful community full of support :slight_smile: hope u stick around


You’ll want to find a sponsor and they can walk you thru the step work.

You can google " (AA/N/A/etc) meetings near me" try out a few meetings. Every meeting has its own vibe. Ask someone who has what you want…i.e. happy, years of sobriety, you really related to something they shared in a meeting. You can also go into the first meeting and just announce youre looking for a sponsor and willing people will reach out.

Good luck!


I went to a lot of meetings and one day I heard a woman share who was talking about the 12 steps in a way I’d never heard before. I asked her out for coffee (even though I couldn’t afford to pay for hers and I had water. She didnt seem to notice.)

She told me about the type of meeting where she had found her solution. I ran to one immediately. It was there that I finally understood how to work the steps.


How is it going?

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Meetings… meetings and more meetings…if your still not sure go to more meetings!!


Meetings are good, but someone once said, “What are you doing in a 12-step program if you’re not doing the 12 steps?”