How do you fight off a relapse?

What are some things you do that can help you not to relapse? Im having a hard day today and my methods aren’t working so well!


Go to a meeting or watch videos on YouTube of the pitfalls of addiction. It’s amazing what those can do. Worse comes to worse, reach out to someone you confide in. They will hear you out. Plenty of people at the meetings that know exactly where you are at mentally and they are perfect to talk to


Read sober literature (AA or other books fr Amazon), attend a mtg, get phone numbers, call someone & tell them your thoughts…go easy on yourself…i ride thru cravings this wknd n guess what? They pass after 15 minutes or so…distract yourself somehow…eat ice cream, walk a dog, play with a child…you get it😉good luck & stay in here a while!

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My family im staying with right now have no idea i was a user. And im so moody lately, then they get mad cause im very sullen and stay to myself. I got so fed up with it, that Sunday i caved i met up with friends who i know had or could get. I regret that decision, but man, it was great to not fight it anymore! I have been talking with the few friends that do know, and they have been helping, to a point. Ive debated checking into rehab…

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@Makkarari I wasn’t able to stay sober for more than a couple weeks at a time until I severed (almost) all of those relationships and got honest with the good, solid people around me. Sure, there are some outlying family that don’t know… but, for me, it was necessary to have all my major players aware and in my corner. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be surprised at how many people already know or suspect. And you’ll be surprised at the amazing “high” you’ll feel knowing they support you and are there for you.

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