How do you find a sponsor

I have been nearly 5 months sober well will be in 4 days and at times I get really stressed like I just need to drink and cant get the thoughts out of my head all my friends are big drinkers and dont understand what I go through with this I wish I had someone I could talk to when I get worked up

Well done for getting on here and sharing. We are all like minded so can understand how your mind works.

Do you attend AA meetings? I do and love the fact that it’s a safe place to talk with people like myself who understand alcoholism. I found someone who I am about to ask to be my sponsor recently at a meeting. His story inspired to me and so was drawn to him.

Equally you could find a sponsor on here. Could start by interacting via private messages.

Always here if you need me :+1:

Thanks I have never gone to an aa meeting quitting is something I have tried many times before but normally I slip up at 2 months this is the longest I have ever got some days I feel fine but others like today now I just feel so stressed and wound up and I dont even know why it just seems to be getting harder and not easier but I’m gonna fight it

take a moment right now and try HALT - are you hungry, angry, lonely and/or tired?

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I think more tired just done a 12 hour shift I think work always does it to me I need a vacation just to relax without no responsibility I have got a bottle of water in front of me and been chatting to a few friends online plus this so I have vented a bit and started to cool down back to the gym in the morning for a run and some weight lifting :running_man:‍♂:muscle:

venting to someone(s) always helps! just getting it out and in the open puts things into perspective, almost like its getting said back to you. thats the case me for me, at least :smile: glad you’ve cooled off. gym in the morning sounds lovely!

I posted this in another thread…

Yeah sometimes you just need to let other people know you are stressing instead of just keeping it inside your own head going crazy

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Yeah seems like good advice I need to take the first step to go to a meeting I’m not sure I would be good at group speaking though

I raised my hand when they asked if anyone had any AA related news and said I didnt have a sponsor. By the end of the meeting I had a temporary sponsor who then became my sponsor.

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A sponsor, as I was taught, is someone who can show me the steps and how they got sober. You can find one at an AA meeting. Absolutely best to find one in person, in my experience.

As for support, meetings are good for that too. And of course posting here! Lots who can relate on TS. :+1: We’re here for ya.

Check out the Checking in daily to help maintain focus thread. I stop by there myself on the regular. Lots of support!

Thanks how long have you been sober

Ten and a half months by the grace of my home group, sponsor, and this fine forum right here.


Yeah I think this is helping me in 4 days I will have done 5 months I just need to take more steps like aa


Here find a sponsor is difficulcult. Me write a men " i need help". Of corse i write backe. But all that he need is my pics and chat. I very sad that in this croup exist this people to. :thinking:I need to sheer

@DMam1 do you mean that a man on here asked you to message him pictures. If so then you should report it to a moderator

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Haha yeah that’s the reason :joy:

Nah honestly it concerned me a little bit. It’s meant to be a safe place init not a dating site. I wanted to check she was saying what it sounded like cos I don’t think English is her primary language :blush:

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yes. Ar first chat just like that, no need to help. Like the title of mail was. But im big girl, I handle this😁

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